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Palloncino intragastrico Elipse





Bioenterics Intragastric Ballon

The BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB) is the least invasive bariatric procedure to achieve a short-term weight loss.


The deflated gastric balloon, made out of soft silicone, is inserted through the esophagus and into your stomach using an endoscope (Fig2). The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes, the patient is awake and conscious but mildly sedated. The procedure requires hospitalization, because in the following 2-3 days after the procedure it could be necessary an intravenous administration of drugs and fluids , that can not be taken orally.
BIB is removed after 6 months because the acidic gastric secretion can erode and deflate the balloon. The removal of BIB is done under endoscopy and does not require hospitalization.


The Intagrastric Balloon is generally used as “bridge” procedure in those severe obese patients that need a substantial weight loss before undergoing surgery, in order to reduce the perioperative and postoperative complication risks. After the removal of BIB in morbid obese patients, it is necessary to undergo to bariatric procedure like gastric banding, gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy etc to achieve an effective and durable weight loss. This procedure represents the first step of a sequential (in steps) treatment of morbid obesity.


Like other weight-loss procedures, an intragastric balloon requires commitment to a healthier lifestyle. You need to make permanent healthy changes to your diet and get regular exercise to help ensure the long-term success of the intragastric balloon procedure.


The intragastric balloon is not the definitive treatment of obesity: in literature, it has been demonstrated a gradual regain of the weight loss after removal.







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